October 2008

Nine-year-old’s bedtime nightmare

A TERRIFIED nine-year-old girl awoke to find a naked man lying on top of her.

In every parent’s worst nightmare, predatory paedophile Wayne Boonyaracvej climbed through the window of the young girl’s bedroom as she slept.

The girl – a complete stranger to Boonyaracvej – woke in the early hours of June 25 to find him naked on top of her bedsheets, kissing her.

He had climbed through her open bedroom window after spotting her from a flat roof of the property in Grimsby’s East Marsh.

Grimsby Crown Court heard there was a night light on in her bedroom because she was scared of the dark.

Boonyaracvej (27), of Harold Street, Grimsby, has now been told he may never be released, after admitting burglary with intent to commit a sexual offence and sexual assault.

Prosecuting, Matthew Donkin said: “At first she wasn’t sure what it was, she wondered if it was her mother. She opened her eyes and saw the defendant naked on her bed, except for what she said was a pink sunhat.

“She remembers pinching herself and screamed and kicked at him to get off her. He jumped off and ran to the window, where there was a small cabinet, climbed on to that and out of the window.”

The girl then ran to her mother’s bedroom.

As he tried to escape, Boonyaracvej fell through a neighbour’s greenhouse, cutting himself a number of times and leaving blood at the scene.

Fingerprints and other forensic evidence, matching his DNA, was found on her bedsheets.

Police raided his house later that day, but he managed to escape through the loft cavity.

Bags of women’s and children’s clothing were found, which Boonyaracvej said he liked to wear when he was at home.

They also found a pink baseball cap which had blood on it.

When he was interviewed by police about being in the bedroom, he said he “didn’t really want to think about it”.

He said he was drunk and had taken cannabis and magic mushrooms.

He has a previous conviction and a caution for indecent exposure, the court heard.

Judge David Tremberg said: “This is a deeply disturbing case. You left that girl terrified and hysterical.

“You hold paedophilic urges and, when intoxicated, you acted on them in a predatory manner.”

Handing him an indeterminate prison sentence, with a minimum term of two years, Judge Tremberg added: “I cannot say when or if you will become safe to be released into the community.

“You might never be released.”

Boonyaracvej will remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and has been banned from ever working with children