November 2010

‘Keep my paedophile dad out of city’

A CONVICTED paedophile could be housed just three miles away from the daughter he abused, the Oxford Mail can reveal.

Terence Weston, 72, could return to his home in Stowford Road, Barton, Oxford, in January, 16 months after being jailed for sex attacks dating back to the 1970s and ’80s.

His daughter, now in her 40s, said she felt disgusted and let down by the system. Probation chiefs said such cases were ‘usual’ and his risk to others would be considered.

But Weston’s victim said: “Oxford’s not big enough for the both of us. This is my home, and he is not welcome.

“The general public see an old man. For me I still see that man in his 40s, who made my life a living hell, who I genuinely believed would kill me one day.

“When I think about him being in Oxford, I feel like that same child again.”

She said she had been shown a map by a victim liaison officer and asked to point out places she regularly visited, so her father would be told to stay away.

She cannot be named for legal reasons, but has agreed to partially waive her right to anonymity.

She said: “It’s disgusting. My family and I will live in constant fear of bumping into him.

“It seems like they have more of a duty of care to him, than to the community or his victims.

“But if so, why then would they put him in danger by sending him back to the community where everyone knows him, and knows what he did?

“When he was convicted I went to a very dark place and was very depressed.

“But now I’ve allowed myself to dream again like the young girl I once was.

“I’m so proud of my sons who will grow up to be a stark contrast to the man their grandfather is.

“We all just want the chance to rebuild our lives knowing we’ll never have to come into contact with him again.”

Weston was jailed in August 2009 after admitting 10 counts of indecent assault and one of indecency with a child.

He will be released on licence for the remainder of his 34-month sentence.

Weston was considered a pillar of the community before his conviction.

The former Cowley car plant worker was ahousing officer for Dominion Housing and helped set up youth projects in Barton and Greater Leys and build the Barton Neighbourhood Centre.

He was a Sunday league football manager for the Athletico Florentina side in the 1970s.

A Thames Valley Probation service spokesman said: “The decision on whether Terence Weston can or cannot return to his home address in Barton has not yet been made.

“Many factors will be taken into account before any final decision happens. It’s usual for us to try to return offenders to the communities they come from, if it’s deemed safe to do so.

“This is done after careful consideration of all the risk factors involved and each case is dealt with on an individual basis.

“This would include their likelihood of reoffending and the risk they pose.”

She could not say how many paedophiles had been re-housed near their victims in the county.