Feb 2008

16 years for Barry paedophile

A PAEDOPHILE from Barry, who distributed sick internet images of himself abusing young children,was jailed for a minimum of 16 years for public protection this week.

Scott Ferris, aged 39, of Jewel Street, was caught out after sexually grooming a teenager in an internet chatroom.

He had agreed to pay the 15-year-old girl £100 for sex – but when he went to meet her, he was instead confronted by a man who then tried to blackmail him.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Ferris agreed to pay the blackmailer £12,000 to keep him quiet.

But Ferris was forced to turn himself into police in May after his wife found his application for a £12,000 loan.

Prosecutor David Webster said Ferris was interviewed by police and admitted also downloading child porn from the internet.

Mr Webster said police then found sexual photos of a small child Ferris had taken and distributed to other paedophiles over the internet.

Mr Webster said: “These photos are now at large on the internet to be viewed by anyone.”

Ferris admitted 22 charges including rape of a child, making indecent photos and distributing them.

One photograph showed him carrying out the sexual assault on a child aged under two years.

Mr Webster said: “This man might be someone who is subject to urges he cannot control in relation to children.”

Recorder Ian Murphy QC said the most disturbing aspect of the case was “the breach of trust”.

Mr Murphy told Ferris: “You used the internet for your own sexual gratification.

“You took photos and distributed those photos because of your pursuit of dark sexual fantasies through the internet.

“You did this as a means of getting admission to a circle where children are being abused and sent from one person to another.

“The images are now out there for people to see – people with a perverted attitude to children – and no doubt they will be seen.

“You showed determination and ruthlessness in doing this.

“This is so serious I must impose a sentence of imprisonment for the public protection – an indeterminate sentence.”

Ferris will serve at least 16 years behind bars before he can apply to the parole board for release.