March 2008

Indefinite jail sentence for Milford Haven paedophile

A “prolific and determined” paedophile was jailed indefinitely at Swansea crown court today.

Christopher Charles Blacker, of Stratford House, Milford Haven, admitted making and possessing child pornography.

The 54-year-old was jailed for a third time and told he will not be released until the authorities are satisfied he is no longer a danger to children.

Blacker had been released early from jail and was still under licence when he was found to have 110 indecent images stored on computer discs and even had some images on his mobile telephone.

He pleaded guilty to 16 offences of making indecent images and one, collective charge of possessing 110 indecent images.

“You are a dangerous offender, a prolific and determined paedophile who preys on young children,” said Judge Gerald Price .

“You have a significant record of similar offences and you have been twice jailed in the past.

“Indeed, you were on early release when you committed these offences.”

Blacker, who has already been banned from ever working with children, was jailed indefinitely for the latest offences and warned by he could not apply for parole until he had served a minimum of two and a half years.

Judge Price determined that Blacker constituted a danger to children and he would have to satisfy the authorities that was no longer the case before being released.

That meant, he stressed, that Blacker could stay in jail indefinitely.

Judge Price also made him the subject of a sexual offences prevention order, making Blacker liable to a five year jail sentence should he breach any of the conditions.