Febuary 2007

Paedophile is spared jail by delay to case

A CONVICTED paedophile walked free from court yesterday after it was deemed unjust to lock him up – because it had taken so long for his case to come to court.

Ernest Le Heuzé , who worked at a St Saviour youth club for 15 years was convicted earlier this month of child porn offences committed in 2002, was told that if it had not been for the delay, the court would have been considering a six-month jail term.

Instead, the Royal Court sentenced the 55-year-old to 100 hours of community service and placed him on probation for 12 months. The probation order will mean that he receives treatment and will be monitored.

Yesterday the Inferior Number of the Royal Court said that blame for the four and a half years that elapsed between the accused’s arrest and trial lay predominantly with the prosecuting authorities. The court ordered an inquiry to make sure that ‘it never happened again’.

When the police raided Ernest Le Heuzé’s home, they found an enormous collection of pornography that he had amassed over 25 years. It included 1,340 adult magazines, hundreds of commercially made blue videos and some home movies. One of the films which had been made by Le Heuzé was shot through the bedroom window of a Jersey girl alleged to have been 12 years old.

The 55-year-old, who lived with his mother and spent much of his time in his bedroom, was yesterday convicted by the Royal Court of 13 counts of making indecent pictures of children. During the three-day trial, he had denied a total of 20 offences allegedly committed between January and August 2002 and concerning indecent pictures of minors