Febuary 2007

Paedophile who filmed his abuse of girl (14)

A MAN who videoed himself repeatedly raping a physically handicapped 14-year-old girl with severe learning difficulties was yesterday jailed for 11 years.

Painter and decorator Dennis Jeffrey Godwin (57) admitted grooming the girl, who had a mental age of seven, from when she was 11.

Godwin pleaded guilty to three counts of rape, two of gross indecency and five counts of making indecent images of a child.

The victim has a mental age of between six and eight-years-old.

His ‘perverted and repulsive’ behaviour was discovered when a video camera was found containing the recordings he had made of his crimes. Godwin had filmed the girl as she undressed, in the bath and while he performed sex acts on her.

The Superior Number of the Royal Court, which is convened to sentence the most serious offenders, was told that the accused could be heard giving a commentary and calling the girl a ‘tart, a slapper and a cow’.