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May 2011

Kid sex beast hounded out

A CHILD sex beast was hounded from his home after furious parents discovered his sordid past.

Angry locals smashed windows at the flat used by beast Derek Jones, 39.

And 200 neighbours signed a petition to have the pervert removed.

He had lived close to dozens of youngsters in Dalkeith, Midlothian, for two years — despite the fact he was BANNED from going near under- 16s or even going online.

His secret was revealed after a recent conviction for taking pictures of children in the street.

And it emerged Jones was put on probation in 2010 for having indecent images of youngsters.

When his past was revealed, windows at his flat were smashed.

Now the sicko and his elderly mum have moved to a secret location.

Angie Clarke, 42, who started the petition, said: “It’s not fair we didn’t know about this scumbag. We’d have watched out more for our kids.”

An ex-neighbour, who asked not to be named, believes Jones tried to GROOM his children.

The dad said: “He gave my young son and daughter toys and tried to talk to them. I am so angry.

“There were clear signs he was grooming them.”

Scots parents now have the right to ask cops if someone with access to their children is on the sex offenders’ register.

Last night a spokesman for Midlothian Council declined to comment on the Jones case.