July 2008

Paedo moves near school

A CONVICTED paedophile has been freed to live overlooking a special school – as his own daughters warn he is still a danger.

Sick George Ford, 79, raped and abused his own two girls for 13 years until they were 16 and 19.

He was found guilty of 20 sex offences against them in June – but released with a two-year supervision order.

He had to sign on the Sex Offenders’ Register and was allowed to move 200 miles from Trowbridge of Wiltshire to St. Blazey in Cornwall.

His new address – believed to belong to a relative – is directly opposite the Doubletrees School for kids aged between two and 19 who have severe learning difficulties.

His abused daughters, who have waived their right to anonymity, are furious that he was not jailed.

Teresa Hornblow, 53, said: “Until he takes his last breath I think he will be a danger.

“We don’t want him near little ones.

“I believe he represents a danger to little ones. He is a paedophile and I don’t think he is going to change.”

Her sister Elaine Reader, 48, added: “I want this to be a warning to parents. Age doesn’t make a difference.

“The fact he was given two years probation makes a farce of it.”

The sisters kept their torment silent for years before finally going to police.

The probation service confirmed that the school has been made aware of Ford’s presence.

Ian Clewlow, director of operations for Devon and Cornwall Probation Area and chairman of the local public protection agency (MAPPA), said they were working with police and childrens’ services ‘to ensure that the risks presented by Mr Ford are assessed and managed as extensively as possible’.

He said: “There are certain actions that can be taken to protect any child in contact with Mr Ford, and all of these will be done.

“Sexual and violent offenders live in all communities and are of no single age, gender, ethnicity or position in society.

“What is common is that the offences they commit are unacceptable.

“Public protection arrangements allow agencies to review the risk posed by offenders and take action to prevent them ruining the lives of others.”

He claimed that 99.6 per cent of offenders monitored under MAPPA do not commit further serious offences.

He added that police visit the homes of offenders and they have to say if they move address.

The curtains at Ford’s new home remained tightly closed yesterday and there was no answer at his door.