January 2012

Pervert: Rehab made me do it

A SERIAL paedophile claimed he was driven to strike again when his sick fantasies were stirred by a spell in REHAB.

Twisted Craig MacKay, 29, of Greenock, lured a 12-year-old into online chats before stripping to perform a sex act on his webcam — not realising it was her horrified MUM who had logged on.

She helped cops trace the fiend, who had previous convictions for having sex with a 15-year-old and sending sick snaps of himself to a girl of 13.

When cops seized his laptop, they found records of his chats with the 12-year-old and images of kids being abused.

As McKay was caged for 27 months at Paisley Sheriff Court, his lawyer insisted: “He claims the catalyst was a section of the rehab course which required him to face his sexual attraction to children.”

Tory justice spokesman David McLetchie said: “This calls into question the effectiveness of the course which the offender claims made him worse.”