July 2020

Paedophile shared vile movie of young girl being abused

A Derbyshire paedophile was found sharing vile child abuse images including one of a pre-pubescent girl being abused by an adult.

Derby Crown Court heard how David Linley downloaded the sick movies and pictures to a mobile phone he kept hidden from the police who already knew about his previous similar conviction.

The 52-year-old then shared them with a like-minded pervert over an internet messaging service in which his user name was “Daddy love Young”.

Four years ago, Linley was jailed for 31 months when he was snared trying to meet an underage girl for sex who was really an undercover police officer.

Jailing him for three years, Recorder Adrian Reynolds said: “One of the videos you shared was of a pre-pubescent girl being abused and one can’t begin to imagine what that child must have gone through for your sexual enjoyment.

“It is so loathsome to put into words. I have noted that for the entirety of this hearing you have been staring at the floor.

“That’s not surprising because your behaviour has been absolutely shameful and I hope you are ashamed of yourself.”

Siward James-Moore, prosecuting, said that, in November 2016, Linley was jailed at Luton Crown Court after a police sting found him to be trying to meet an underage girl for sex.

He said that, on that occasion, more disgusting images were found on his electronic devices.

Mr James-Moore said that, after being released, as part of his sexual harm prevention order, Linley was to tell the police what he was accessing online.

He said that, by then, the defendant had moved to Ilkeston and informed officers he only had a mobile phone which was not capable of accessing the internet and instead. If he wanted to go online, he told them he would go to the town’s library.

But, in April this year, officers attended his address in Wilton Place and found a smart phone concealed in a kitchen unit.

Mr James-Moore said: “There was evidence on it he had been sharing indecent images with another person.

“He used a messenger service under the name ‘Daddy love Young’ and one of the videos was of a (pre-pubescent) girl being sexually abused by an adult.

“Some of the group names he was posting in had names such as ‘bad parents’ and ‘little’ and typically the ages of the girls was five-to-eight years old.”

Linley pleaded guilty to possession of indecent images, distribution of indecent images and for breaching his sexual harm prevention order.

Linley is on the sex offender register for life and has been handed a new, indefinite, sexual harm prevention order.