July 2020

Pervert molested and abused his own sister for years

A pervert who regularly molested his own sister over a decade-long period has been jailed for just five years.

Alexander Carr, 30, looked straight ahead of himself and did not glance towards friends in the public gallery as he was led away by cells staff this afternoon.

Sending the engineer down for half a decade, Judge Peter Crabtree said his victim had been left psychologically scarred by his abuse.

He said the man had sought to persuade her to comply with his wishes, employing tactics ranging from punching her to offering to buy her gifts and agreeing to drive her to school if she missed the bus.

The judge said: “You would constantly try and collar her in your house to ask her to do it and when she got older and had a mobile phone you messaged her and texted her non-stop so she would eventually give in.”

In March, a Swindon jury found Carr guilty of two counts of sexual assault of a girl under 13 and two charges of sexual activity with a child family member aged 13 to 17.

The offences were committed between 2004 and 2013.

Jurors heard the defendant had regularly sexually assaulted his sibling from the time she was around seven until she was 17. When the abuse began he was aged around 12 or 13.

She said her brother, who is five years older, had told her he began to be sexually attracted to her when they were “playing mummies and daddies” at their grandparents’ house.

Initially, she was abused in the bedroom she shared with her younger sister when the family lived elsewhere in the country.

When the family moved to Swindon the abuse continued in the family home, typically in her brother’s bedroom. When the family moved to Swindon the abuse continued in the family home, typically in her brother’s bedroom. She described how he would “dry hump” her.

“He’d punch me. It got to the point where I was scared so I just let him. And then as I got older he’d still ask me to the point where it was constant asking, asking. I couldn’t even walk round the house without him following me round, texting and calling. I just used to give in,” she told police.

“He just used to say, ‘can we do it?’ Sometimes he’d try and tickle me. He’d get on top of me. He used to play this kissing game.”

She said her brother had promised the abuse would stop, but that he needed to perform the sex act in order to “get relief”. At one point, she was led to believe he might get cancer if she did not allow him to perform the sex act on her.

The woman claimed to have been shown an email by her brother purportedly from a professional who he had approached from support. The message suggested she needed to continue to submit herself to the sexual assaults.

He later bombarded her with social media messages into the early hours with pleading requests for her to come to his room. Jurors were given 81 pages of messages to read.

She eventually left home at 17, leaving behind her younger sister, father and mother – the latter suffering from a degenerative brain disease.

In a victim personal statement, read to the court on Tuesday by prosecutor Chris Smyth, the woman – now in her mid-20s – wrote: “I will never get over what my brother has done. He has left a scar both psychologically and emotionally that will never heal.”

She added: “I felt numb to what was going on because it happened so often. I felt it was normal.”

Since being found guilty at his trial, the man had finally admitted his offending – but only to the probation officer writing a pre-sentence report.

At the sentencing hearing at Swindon Crown Court on Tuesday, Carr was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order intended to restrict his contact with underage girls.

He must remain on the sex offenders’ register for life.