June 2013

Sex predator avoids prison after sexually abusing young girl

A sexual predator that repeatedly molested and abused a pre-teen family member has avoided a prison sentence

Michael James Peet, 18 of Aylestone, Leicester appeared at Leicester Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault against a female child aged under 13 years old.

The court was told that Peet was 18 years old when he first targeted his own feamle cousin who was aged just 12-years-old. 

The grooming began with Peet offering the child crisps, sweets and drinks.

After a short time and once he had gained the trust of the victim, Peet offered cigarettes and drugs.

With pressure from Peet, the girl accepted some of the M-Kat (Mephedrone) drug – Which is a powerful stimulant that’s often compared to drugs like cocaine and ecstasy

After convincing the child to try the drug, Peet took advantage of the situation and the vulnerability of the child and began to molest and sexually assault her.

Peet digitally penetrated the girl, who by now was feeling the effects of the drug. It was at this stage, that he attempted to rape the child, by penetrating her with his penis.

Peet repeated the abuse over a period of around 12 months, until the girl found the courage to speak out.

Peet showed absolutely no remorse for his actions.

The judge sentenced Peet to a 12 month community order – which includes 120 hours of unpaid work

A two year Supervision order by the probation service was put in place and Peet was told to register as a sex offender for five years

July 2020

Victim speaks out against abuser

In a statement, the victim who is now an adult explained how the abuse has damaged her life. 

She explained how her teenage years were a struggle which affected her education. For almost three years she did not attend school, as she simply could not cope with socialising with others, due to depression and anxiety that was a direct result of the abuse. 

The victim said: ” It still affects me now as I still get depressed and anxious about this and there’s times I have felt suicidal as I wasn’t believed and still aren’t to this day.

“It still affects me to this day, as I still get abuse from him and my own family when I walk to my local shop and doctors”

The victim said: “He was my cousin so I looked up to him. He groomed me to gain my trust and when he had that trust, he used me for his sexual gratification. At that age, I never thought anyone would be capable of something so depraved and cruel”

To this day, Peet refuses to show any remorse, and takes every opportunity to mock and bully the victim, even stating that he will ‘have the last laugh”