March 2020

Child killer complains about prison on Instagram and announces he is ‘coming home’

A child killer has complained about prison in a whiny Instagram post and claims he is “coming home”.

Aidan McAteer is currently serving nine years in prison for the death of four-year-old Violet-Grace Youens, of which half was in prison and half on licence.

Violet-Grace died after 26-year-old McAteer hit her and her grandmother, Angela French, as he sped at 83mph in a stolen car before fleeing the country to avoid police.

After returning to the UK, McAteer was handed a sentenced for death by dangerous driving that left people across Merseyside outraged with it being found that he would spend less time behind bars than Violet-Grace was alive

Now, McAteer has once again shown his disregard for the justice system, and lack of remorse over his crimes, by complaining about prison on Instagram.

Just days ago, the thug posted an image to the account with a caption where he states “am on my way home” and refers to his currently holding as a “s**t hole”.

The image said: “Admit it. A lot of s**t got to you and you changed because of it.”

But the caption shows that selfish McAteer hasn’t changed at all as he describes his own life as a “rollercoaster” and talks about the “scars” he has to live with.

He said: “Real talk my life been a rollercoaster.

“Some people wouldn’t live a day in my shoes. I’ve got scars that will live with me forever.

“Good job I’m with the lads and got the fam and am on my way home.

“Not 200 miles away in some s**t hole.”

It is not thought that McAteer is being released from prison early, but that he may be being moved to a jail closer to Merseyside.

Another image, posted the same day, McAteer shared an image that seemingly makes a joke out of a police raid after government guidelines suggested workers should work from home.

The picture said: “Now they’re telling people to work from their house. I tried that years ago…and it kept getting raided.”

Last weekend, McAteer also found time to post a throwback picture to the account of him wearing a helmet and standing beside two scrambler bikes.

Another image shows McAteer with his arms around two other prisoners who he has clearly become close with on the inside.

The shocking online behaviour comes just three years into McAteer’s sentence and is the second time he has been found to be posting on Instagram.

In August 2017, he posted an image of a card handed to him by fellow inmates branding him “HMP Birthday Boy” – and reassuring him “You can lock the locks but you can’t stop the clocks”.

He captioned the picture: “Lil b day card off the lads on the wing x nice one everybody for me cards n messages means allot c yas all soon”.

After his last spate of posts, McAteer had 10 days added to his sentence meaning he is not due for release until the end of Decemeber 2021.

The ECHO alerted the Ministry of Justice to McAteer’s new Instagram account and latest posts prompting a search of a cell where he is being held.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the prison search said that a phone had been found.

They added: “A mobile phone has been confiscated and the social media account has been taken down. We will seek to punish those responsible.

“Our x-ray scanners and phone blocking technology are making it harder for criminals to smuggle phones into jails.”