June 2020

Paedophile who blackmailed boy online hid phone down toilet and tried to cut his own throat when police turned up

A ‘manipulative’ paedophile posed online as a girl and persuaded a teenage boy to send sexually explicit images of himself, before threatening to post them online unless he sent more.

Christian Tymon, 33, blackmailed the 13-year-old, who sent him four videos after fearing the defendant would carry out his threat and post it on Facebook for the boy’s friends to see.

Tymon, who a psychologist said displays ‘psychopathic traits’, also posed online as an adult woman and a girl, attempting to blackmail a woman and causing distress to a girl.

When police went to his home in Crumpsall, Tymon put his mobile phone down the toilet and tried to ‘kill himself’, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Now Tymon has been jailed for six years and nine months, after a judge said the defendant appeared to gain ‘pleasure’ from ‘manipulating’ his victims.

Tymon, who described himself as a ‘peeping Tom’ and a ‘sex addict’, befriended the 13-year-old boy on Facebook, while pretending to be a girl of the same age.

He persuaded the boy to send him a naked image of himself, and a sexually explicit video.

When the boy challenged Tymon, the defendant threatened to post the video on Facebook, unless he sent him another one.

The teenager did send another video ‘in fear’, prosecutor Rob Hall said.

He ended up sending Tymon four such videos

The court heard the boy was ‘angry’, ‘upset’ and ’embarrassed’ for a long time, and is undergoing counselling.

Again on Facebook, Tymon made contact with a 17-year-old girl, and pretended to be a girl of the same age.

He obtained naked images of her, and later threatened to post them on Google.

The girl’s grandparents intervened, and there were no further conversations between the two.

The court heard she now trusts people less, and has not felt able to confide in her family.

Prior to these two victims, Tymon had met a woman in her 20s on Skype, while pretending to be a female of the same age.

She sent him a naked image of herself, and Tymon then threatened to share it with ‘everyone she knew’ unless she went onto Skype and posed naked.

But she refused, and Tymon desisted.

The woman said her ‘heart was pounding’ following the incident, and that her ordeal has had a ‘real physical impact’ on her.

No images from Tymon’s three victims were actually posted online, the court heard.

GMP received intelligence from the National Crime Agency, that indecent images were found on Tymon’s Facebook account.

When police went to his home in Crumpsall in May 2018, Tymon put a mobile phone down the toilet and flushed.

He then sat on the toilet and ‘cut his throat’, in what prosecutors said ‘appeared to be a superficial attempt to kill himself’.

Tymon went to hospital, and was discharged the following day.

The phone he put down the toilet was recovered by police, and found to include email addresses linked to his Facebook accounts.

It’s not the first time Tymon has been before the courts.

When he lived in London, Tymon placed a watch with a camera in it in a communal bathroom, and recorded footage of women.

He was later jailed for voyeurism.

In another previous case, Tymon pretended to be a photographer and persuaded a 13-year-old boy to take photos of his genitals.

Judge Michael Leeming said Tymon has expressed ‘limited victim empathy’, and that he claimed to be ‘excited by the power you exert over your victims’.

“You appear to have derived pleasure from manipulating and distressing your victims,” the judge told him.

Tymon, of Bennett Road, Crumpsall, pleaded guilty to five counts.

These included attempted blackmail, engaging in sexual communication with a child, causing a child to engage in sexual activity, blackmail and sending communication with intent to cause distress.

Tymon must sign the sex offenders register for life.