Paedophile lecturer jailed over abuse images

A Lecturer has been jailed after he was found in possession of sick images of child sex abuse.

Anthony Solloway had hundreds of images depicting the cruellest and most graphic abuse on his computer.

The 49-year-old, formerly of Burgess Hill, lived abroad following convictions in the 1990s for taking pictures of schoolgirls and abducting a woman.

He was a lecturer training teachers in Iraq, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Solloway claimed to have a wife in Cambodia, but Hove Crown Court was told he wanted to buy property in an area “notorious” for child prostitution.

Judge Jeremy Gold QC imposed a five-year travel ban on Solloway to stop him going to the countries where he posed a risk to children.

Ryan Richter, prosecuting, said Solloway was stopped on his return to Gatwick Airport in September.

He tried to dump a USB stick when he was arrested.

Solloway admitted possessing 451 category A indecent images of children, 102 category B images and 1,786 category C images.

He also admitted distributing one category A image and one category C image to others.

The paedophile was previously convicted of abducting a 21-year-old woman at knifepoint in 1993 and served a five year sentence.

Then in 1998 he was convicted for taking pictures of schoolgirls from his bedroom window.

Mr Richter said it showed Solloway’s desire to create indecent material and said a police investigation found he had made videos with a Cambodian whose age police were not fully able to determine.

He said: “From his admissions, the defendant says he has an addiction to child pornography and has been travelling abroad for many years.

“A video shows abuse of prostitutes and he has searched to buy property in locations which are known to feature in investigations for child prostitution in Cambodia.

“That must be a feature of the risk of harm to children outside the United Kingdom.”

Judge Gold QC invited an officer investigating the case to court to reveal what risk Solloway posed.

The judge jailed Solloway for two years and eight months and put him under the terms of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order indefinitely.

It will restrict his access to children and computers in the UK.

He was banned from Cambodia, Vietnam and Iraq for five years.