June 2020

Sex offender repeatedly ignored conditions of release

A sex offender who has repeatedly ignored the conditions of their release from jail has once again been returned to prison.

Chloe-Anne Walker, formerly known as Brandon Walker, uses the names Brandon, Steven and James Walker and Jamie Thornton online to fool young victims into online sexual activity.

Walker identifies as a woman but is recorded as male by court and prison services, and commits offences using male pseudonyms.

Now Walker, of Bell Court, Wellingborough, is once again back behind bars after failing to tell the probation service of a change of address.

The terms of Walker’s release from jail for a previous sexual offence included a condition to inform the authorities of any new address within three days.

The court heard that, on May 21, Walker had failed to tell the probation service about the new living arrangements.

On Monday Walker was sent back to jail for another 14 days because of a ‘flagrant disregard for court orders’.

At previous court cases against Walker, magistrates had heard that the 29-year-old has repeatedly ignored the terms of release of several prison sentences.

In March 2019, Walker’s solicitor Waquar Ali persuaded a district judge sitting at Northampton Magistrates Court to give his client a suspended prison sentence for breaching a sexual harm prevention order made in 2016 that banned Walker from using the name Jamie Thornton to speak to a victim on Facebook.

During that March appearance, Walker appeared by video link from jail because while already serving a ten-month sentence for another offence.

Mr Ali told the court that Walker was Imminently due for release and a taxpayer-funded package of housing and a job offer had been set up.

Judge Daber said that although the offence deserved a prison sentence, he was minded to suspend the 18-week sentence to give Walker a chance to take up the measures that had been put in place.

Walker was released shortly afterwards but within seven days had again failed to attend a probation appointment and failed to sign in at a police station.

In May last year, Walker admitted the breaches and was ordered to serve the original suspended 18-week prison sentence along with a further 20 weeks for the two new offences.

After serving 36 weeks in prison Walker was again released but has now once again failed to comply with the conditions of that release.