Update: Released and currently staying in a Manchester bail hostel

February 2011

Predatory child rapist handed IPP sentence

A predatory child rapist that groomed, abused and raped a primary school aged child has been handed an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment for public protection (IPP) which will see him spend at least eight years in prison. 

Gregg Beard of Failsworth appeared for sentencing at Manchester Crown Court following his conviction for a number of serious sexual offences including rape against a child. 

He is ordered to spend a minimum of eight years and 114 days in prison and therefore cannot apply for parole until 2019

The court was told that Beard bean grooming the child when she was aged just eight years old. From the outset, Beard made it clear of his sexual intent.

Beard manipulated and groomed the child into thinking the abuse was normal. But when the child started to question his depraved actions, he told her that no one would believe her if she spoke out. 

Beard maintained her silence through threats and gifts.

The abuse continued for two years, over which Beard steadily increased the attacks and severity from sexual assaults to rape. 

Scared and confused, the victim found the courage to speak out at the age of 10. She disclosed the abuse to her friend at school, who in turn told the teacher. The police were informed and a full police investigation took place. 

Beard was told that he must register as a sex offender for life