June 2022

‘Untreatable’ paedophile jailed for 9½ years

A convicted paedophile – described in court as ‘untreatable’ – has been jailed for 9½ years for possessing and distributing images of child sexual abuse, just months after being recently released from prison for similar offences.

Karn Damien Laffoley (47), who has 31 previous convictions relating to possessing, making and distributing child sexual abuse images and eight convictions for breaches of orders designed to prevent him from offending, was found in possession of more than 4,300 indecent images of children while also being in breach of two restraining orders.

Laffoley was released from prison last September after being sentenced in 2017 for possessing, making, distributing and advertising indecent images of children, and four of breaching a pre-existing restraining order for related sexual offences.

A total of 4,356 images were found in December 2021, and February 2022 – a time when Laffoley was on police bail.

It was also discovered that 54 of the images had been distributed to three individuals via WhatsApp.

Crown advocate Lauren Hallam, prosecuting, described the defendant as ‘untreatable’ and said that his only mitigation was his early guilty pleas, before suggesting an eight-year sentence.

Delivering the court’s sentence, the Bailiff Sir Timothy Le Cocq, presiding, said that Laffoley was to be jailed for a total of six years for the nine counts of making indecent images of children and four counts of distributing indecent images, as well as 3½ years for the breaches of the restraining order. He was also placed on the Sex Offenders Register for a minimum of 20 years.

Jurats Jerry Ramsden, Pamela Pitman, Robert Christensen, Kim Averty and David Le Heuzé were sitting.

The Court also imposed a 20-year restraining order on Laffoley and ordered that he could only apply to be removed from the Sex Offenders’ Register after the same period of time.

Among his many convictions, Laffoley was last jailed in 2017, after he groomed a woman to get her to send him images of a child, and then tried to sell them on as well as making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

April 2017

Man jailed in Jersey for possessing indecent images of children

A man has been sentenced in Jersey to eight and a half years in prison for indecent images of children offences.

He was jailed for for making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

Karn Damien Laffoley groomed a woman to get her to send him images of a child, and then tried to sell them on.

The 42-year-old’s crimes have been described as “abhorrent” by police.

He’s also been given a 15 year restraining order.

Jersey Police say they worked with a number of other agencies, including UK Police, National Crime Agency and the FBI, during their investigation of Karn Laffoley.

March 2013

Paedophile jailed for making & possession of indecent images of children

A paedophile with a 16-year history of sex offending has been jailed after being caught with dozens images of children being sexually abused.

Karn Damien Laffoley was arrested in March last year after breaching a sexual offences prevention order imposed when he was convicted in 2009 for downloading thousands of child abuse images onto his computer.

After being re-arrested, police seized two computers and found that the 38-year-old had downloaded more indecent images of children

The police also discovered that he tried to hide his offences by using computer software which erased the computers internet history – something which he was banned from using as part of a court order he received after his last conviction

Laffoley pleaded guilty to two charges of making indecent images of children and a breach of his sexual offences prevention order.

He was sentenced to 18 months by the Royal Court

The court also extended the time he must register as a sex offender to a period of 10 years

The court heard that Laffoley had a total of 29 previous convictions – mostly for downloading indecent images of children

August 2009

Child sexual abuse images ‘addict’ is spared jail

A child sexual abuse images “addict” confessed his compulsion to his ex-wife after he was caught with child abuse images on his computer.

Karn Damien Laffoley admitted to his former partner that he had been viewing child sexual abuse images for about 10 years.

He said he hadn’t gone for more than a few weeks in that time without looking at the material, a court heard.

He owned up to accessing and downloading the images over the internet after previously denying his activities to her.

She acted on Laffoley’s admissions and made a statement to the police, prosecutor David Brooke told Teesside Crown Court.

She had confronted the 34-year-old when he was arrested, his home was searched and his computer equipment seized in January last year.

Police found 2,336 still and moving images of children. A significant number of the pictures were in the most serious categories in law.

Laffoley, of Coatham Road, Redcar, pleaded guilty to 16 charges of making indecent photographs of children and one of possessing such photographs.

Duncan McReddie, defending, said Laffoley was candid, knew he had a problem, was anxious to deal with his compulsion and felt “deep revulsion” for his own actions.

He argued Laffoley was more likely to get the help he needed in the community, rather than during a short sentence in prison where such intervention was in shorter supply.

Judge George Moorhouse told the defendant: “It’s clear to me that if I send you to prison for a relatively short period you’re not going to get any treatment whatsoever. Rest assured that if you commit any offences of a like kind you’ll go to prison for a long time.”

He passed a sentence of eight months’ imprisonment suspended for two years, with three years’ supervision and an internet sexual offending programme.

He banned Laffoley from working with children for life and passed an indefinite sexual offences prevention order.

The order bans Laffoley from associating with under-18s, accessing the internet except for work, and having video or camera equipment.

Laffoley will be on the sex offenders’register for 10 years.