May 2022

Convicted sex predator changes name and moved to Exeter

A convicted sex predator has changed his name to Charley Jay Ward and has moved to Exeter. 

September 2016

Facebook predator jailed for 7 years for having sex with girl, 13


A Facebook predator has been jailed for having sex with a 13-year-old girl who ran away from home to be with him.

Alistair Bartlett was living in supervised accommodation in Barnstaple but twice sneaked the girl into his flat under the noses of social workers who were looking after him.

He has been monitored by the authorities since he groped a 12-year-old girl on a clifftop in East Devon while walking her home from school five years ago.

In December last year a 13-year-old girl contacted him on Facebook after posting a comment on a photograph which he posted on Facebook showing him posing shirtless after a gym session.

He replied and after a short exchange of messages he arranged to meet her in a Subway shop in Barnstaple. Within hours he persuaded the vulnerable girl to run away from home and spend the night at his flat.

They had sex that night and again five days later when she ran away from home again and sneaked into his flat past a sleeping social worker.

He was only interrupted when police came to his door to search for the girl, who was found hiding in a cupboard in bathroom wearing just her underwear and one of his shirts.

Dairy worker Bartlett, 22, of Bear Street, Barnstaple, denied two counts of sexual activity with a child but was convicted at a trial at Exeter Crown Court last month.

He was jailed for a total of seven years by Judge Erik Salomonsen, who told him: “This girl was 13 and a troubled child who was involved with social services and was certainly at risk.

“She ‘liked’ your image on Facebook and that night you had sexual intercourse with her at your sheltered accommodation. Again, five days later there was further intercourse with same girl.

“The probation report does not make happy reading. It is bleak and says it had been your intention to meet a young girl by Facebook with the intention of having sex and you are likely to have inflicted psychological harm to the victim.

“It says you do not accept full responsibility for the offence and you see nothing wrong with hooking up with girls in the way that you did.”