September 2008

Child porn “worst ever seen” – former teacher jailed

A FORMER primary school teacher caught with a stash of child pornography, including images described by a police officer in the case as ‘the worst I have ever seen’, has been jailed.

John Carter, who previously worked at Goxhill Primary School before becoming a self-employed gymnastics teacher, had downloaded and stored images and video clips of very young children, some of whom were subjected to horrendous sexual abuse.

Carter (52), of Priory Crescent, Ulceby, had his home raided by police on April 29.

Speaking after the case Det Sgt Steve Barratt said this was part of Operation Oxcart and was as a result of ‘intelligence received’.

He said: “In my experience it’s one of the most disturbing cases involving the worst images I have ever seen involving very young children.”

Carter, a married father, immediately confessed to his depraved obsession.

“He said he had a desire and sexual interest in young children. He had this compulsion from an early age,” said Andrew Bailey, prosecuting at Grimsby Crown Court yesterday.

Carter however denied ever putting his sexual desires into practice.

Ian Groom, for Carter, said the majority of the images were of the least serious kind. But, he conceded, some involved ‘severe abuse of children that were awful in the extreme’.

Carter, he pointed out, had not involved anyone else in his offending and his family had not been aware of his obsession.

“This was a private activity by the defendant,” he stated.

He continued: “It is clear that this defendant had a repressed sexual development – it is referred to in the report. It is something that over the years has not gone away.”

Judge John Reddihough told Carter he was being given credit for his admissions and for his previous good character.

“It is a very great shame that this perversion led you to be in this position,” he said.

But he added: “I have had the misfortune to look at some of these this morning. They are disgusting and they involve some very young children. They are real children who have been subjected to corruption and abuse.”

Carter admitted 16 charges of possessing child pornography. He was jailed for 10 months and was ordered to register as a sex offender for seven years following his release.