Febuary 2012

Sex attacker jailed for assault on girl, 8

A man has been jailed for two years for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl.

Nigel Payne, 62, of Stansfield Road, Cambridge, was sentenced to two years in prison yesterday for sexually assaulting the child and engaging in sexual activity in her presence.

Payne was convicted following a trial at Cambridge Crown Court in September last year, but the judge put off sentencing because Payne was unwell at the time.

Passing sentence Judge Haworth said: “You were convicted by jury of sexual assault on an 8-year-old and engaged in sexual activity in her presence.

“This has obviously had a significant effect on her and her family.

“Your actions impacted on her behaviour. It just shows how behaviour such as this cannot be brushed off. You must be punished by the court.

“This was delayed because you have been in bad health, but you have now recovered.”

The family of the child, who were in court to hear the sentence, expressed relief that Payne would finally be locked up for the crimes which took place between August 1 and 29, 2010.

The girl’s grandmother said: “Two years is not long enough for what he has done to our family.

“Our little girl’s life has been completely disrupted and she is now a very wary child.

“His sentence just doesn’t seem long enough, but we are glad it is over now.”

Her ex-husband, said: “He deserves to go to prison for what he has done to my granddaughter. It was a sick thing to do.

“I am pleased with the outcome. We were told to expect 15 months.

“My granddaughter has been badly affected by her ordeal mentally and emotionally.

“She has lost a lot of confidence and is frightened when in the company of men.

“With the love and support of her mother and family, we will get her life back on track again.”

Payne was sentenced to two years in prison for each offence to run concurrently