November 2007

Rapist ‘defiled’ three young girls

A MAN ‘defiled’ three young girls he lured to his home with the offer of drink and cigarettes.

George Bell, 58, will spend at least five years behind bars following the evening of lust in which he tried to have sex with each of the girls, aged 12 and 11, ignoring their pleas to stop.

Durham Crown Court heard they believed they were locked into Bell’s home at the time, in late May or early June. The court was told Bell gave them cheap wine, before offering them cigarettes in his bedroom, where he raped a 12-year-old in his bed, before attempting to rape one of the 11-year-olds.

He then performed simulated sex with the third girl, also 11, after being unable to rape her, said Mr Giuliani.

They eventually managed to leave, but were frightened to reveal what took place.

It only came to light when one of them told a friend at a school anti-bullying session.

They directed officers to the address where it took place and described Bell, who was subsequently picked out on a video identity parade.

Mr Giuliani said the girls and their families were traumatised by what took place.

Tony Hawks, for Bell, of previous good character, said: “There was no active predatory behaviour. He wasn’t stalking the area as a predatory paedophile.

“He has mild learning difficulties and quite enjoyed the company of people considerably his junior.”

Bell, 58, of Ridley Avenue, Chester-le-Street, admitted rape, attempted rape and sexual assault.

Imposing an indeterminate sentence of at least five years, for public protection, Judge Richard Lowden told Bell he was ‘extravagantly self-indulgent’, showing ‘staggering deviancy’ by ‘defiling’ three girls in one incident.

“You created the opportunity inside your house. You’re clearly capable of causing harm of a most serious nature.”

Bell will only be released if the parole board consider it safe to do so after at least five years behind bars, less 22 weeks already spent in custody.

He was placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register and banned from working with or approaching girls under 16, both for life.