Nov 2007

Indecent exposure man jailed

A BUILDER’S yard employee was jailed for 10 months at Cardiff Crown Court for indecently exposing himself.

Christopher Mallett, 38, was found out when somebody examined photographs on his mobile phone.

Mallett, of Richmond Road, Pontnewydd Cwmbran, admitted a charge of exposure.

Judge John Curran told him: “This was a very serious offence, which was filmed on a mobile phone.

“It undoubtedly caused great alarm and distress.”

Prosecutor Roger Griffiths said an employee at the yard where Mallett worked passed on to him his mobile phone accounts, but there was a dispute at the work place about the massive bills Mallett was accruing.

The manager took the phone from him and became alarmed when she looked into the memory and found a video of the defendant dressed only in a thong indecently exposing himself.

A child’s voice could be heard in the background.

It was revealed that the exposure had been videoed by a girl.

Mallett claimed he was unaware the incident had been photographed.

He was said to have one previous conviction for indecent exposure.

Mallett’s counsel Claire Wilks said: “There was no actual touching of the girl but what he did remains distasteful.

“It lasted less than a minute and clearly it was distressing for the child.

“He usually leads a quiet blameless life.”

The judge ordered that on release he register as a sex offender for life.