June 2000

Sex fiend jailed for raping children

A PAEDOPHILE has been jailed for life after lavishing a North-West Durham family with gifts so he could groom two young brothers for sex.

Bryan Stanford, 51, a newspaper delivery driver, who had already served ten years for kidnapping and raping a schoolgirl, wormed his way into a couple’s home, York Crown Court heard.

Stanford, of Thorn Nook, York, was found guilty by a jury of three charges of raping and five of indecently assaulting the boys, aged 13 and six, and being in possession of indecent photographs with the intention of selling them.

Julian Goose, prosecuting, said sex fiend Stanford got to know the family, who live in north-west Durham, after dropping off newspapers to be distributed in the area.

He said: “He ingratiated himself and made friends with the family, with the sole intent of grooming the two young boys for sexual pleasure.”

One of the boys stayed at the accused’s flat in York for three days and was twice raped and indecently assaulted.

The younger boy was attacked in his own home when his parents were out and Stanford went on to take pornographic photographs of the child.

Judge Paul Hoffman was told Stanford had already served ten years for rape and kidnap imposed by Norwich Crown Court in 1988, and got a further 15 months in jail in 1997 at York for indecently assaulting a young girl.

The judge said “I have no alternative but to pass a life sentence, which I do with no lack of conviction and enthusiasm. You are a dangerous man when young children of either sex are involved.”

He said: “You are a schemer, manipulator and highly plausible paedophile. You ingratiated yourself and you were the proverbial viper in the nest.”

He added: “When the parents’ backs were turned you were corrupting their children in an unspeakable and vile way.”