January 2003

Pervert had 5,000 child sex pictures

A disabled Worthing man was caught with more than 5,000 child porn pictures on his computer.

Wheelchair-bound David Holdstock, 26, originally told police he was just curious to see what kind of images existed on the internet.

But at Worthing Magistrates’ Court he admitted six charges of making indecent photographs of children.

Holdstock, of Pendine Avenue, was arrested last summer after police seized his laptop computer, which contained the images.

Claire Ellis, prosecuting, said: “When interviewed by police he said he was curious as to what images were available on the internet and he was sickened by what he had seen.

“He said he did not get sexually aroused by the images.”

The pictures ranged from mild to very explicit.

The six charges related to 180 indecent images. Holdstock asked for three further offences, covering 4,977 images, to be taken into consideration.

Holdstock was placed on the sex offenders register