Sept 2009

Barry park sex assault: Man jailed for eight years

A REGISTERED sex offender who indecently assaulted an 11-year-old boy in a Barry park in June has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

Clive Lewis, aged 48, admitted showing the boy obscene mobile phone footage, and committing a sexual offence on him in a tramp’s den in Gladstone Park, Cardiff Cown Court heard yesterday (September 9).

The court also heard Lewis had had a week left to run on licence, following a conviction for a previous sexual offence on another underage boy, at the time of the assault.

His history of offences included one for armed robbery in Llanelli in November 1998 when he threatened a 73-year-old old lady with the butt of a gun.

His Honour, Judge Patrick Curran QC, said he was a serious danger to the public.

Prosecuting, Tracey-Lloyd Nesling said Lewis had befriended the youngster, who suffered a number of health problems, three weeks before the assault took place and had played football with him before visiting dens in two Barry parks on June 14.

She said the boy showed him the den, where the sexual assault took place.

She said: “When he got home his mother knew there was something wrong.

“He said: ‘I have been abused’.”

The boy identified the assailant to police while they were driving along Holton Road.

Defending, Peter Davies said Lewis had been at a low ebb in Barry, his family had disowned him and he himself had been abused as a boy.

His honour, Judge Patrick Curran QC said: “You are a substantial risk to the public.

“Particularly, young children are at risk of harm from you.”

Lewis was sentenced to eight years in prison with a minimum of four years to be served before he can apply for parole.

Commenting after the hearing, the family said Lewis had ‘got what he deserved’ and that their son still suffered flashbacks and wanted to move.

He no longer wants to go out to play, they said.

The 37-year-old dad said his son had just wanted to play like other youngsters and he thought there should be cameras in the parks.

He said they had been surprised to learn of Lewis’ other offences.

“He’s done it twice,” they added.

“That should have rung alarm bells.”