July 2004

Care worker jailed over child porn

A CARE worker employed at a residential unit in Abergavenny accessed sites on the computer of one of the men he was looking after, and made indecent pictures of children, Cardiff crown court has heard.

The images which David Blannin, 46, obtained were “vile” said Judge Jonathan Durham Hall.

Blannin was jailed for nine months after he admitted 17 charges of making indecent images of children, two of possessing indecent images of children and one of attempting to make such images.

The Judge said the pictures were “of children of an exceptionally tender age being abused”.

Blannin, he said, had abused his position and used a computer in the residential home to access material and had also made use of a powerful search engine.

“There was sophistication and an abuse of trust. Your actions with others like you fuel the demand which leads to abuse.”

He directed that on his release Blannin, of Splott, Cardiff, register as a sex offender for seven years.

Prosecutor David Webster said that in August Blannin was working as a carer at a residential unit in Abergavenny looking after two “vulnerable” adult men.

He had come well recommended. On November 12 a team manager checked the computer and was alarmed to find that sites had been accessed one of which had the title “Family Incest”.

“She was sure neither of the adults had accessed the sites.” On November 26 Blannin was arrested and a computer at his home was seized.

He admitted accessing the sites for “erotic stories” rather than images. Mr Webster said indecent images totalling 65 were found on his computer involving boys and girls.

Asked why he had obtained them he said he had no sexual interest but was “inquisitive”.

He was bailed, said Mr Webster, on condition that he did not work with children or vulnerable adults but he breached it and for a time worked in a unit with children.

Blannin’s counsel, Tom Crowther, said: “There was no distribution and the pictures were not shown to others. He was an industrious man and he has retained the full support of his family.”