May 1999

Porn image boss on sex offenders’ list

A businessman was ordered to register on a sex offenders’ list after he was found guilty of possessing an indecent image of two naked boys.

Colin Jack Gaines, 47, of Lady Lane, EldwickBingley, denied eight charges of possessing indecent photographs or pseudo-photographs of children when he appeared at Bingley Magistrates Court yesterday.

But stipendiary magistrate Guy Hodgson found him guilty of one charge of possessing an indecent image on the hard drive of his computer and fined him £1,000 and ordered him to pay £750 costs.

Mr Hodgson told Gaines, who has a previous conviction for importing pornography in 1990, that he had 14 days to register on the list under the Sexual Offenders Act 1997.

The magistrate added Mr Gaines would remain on the list for the next five years.

Earlier the court heard two home videos were seized by Eccleshill CID along with another video and a computer hard drive after a raid on Gaines’ home last year.

David Mitchell, prosecuting, said the raid came after Mr Gaines was arrested but not charged after an alleged indecent at Shipley swimming baths.

Mr Mitchell said three of the charges related to the video evidence and the other five charges related to five images which were removed from the “freespace” of Mr Gaines’s computer.

Rodney Jameson, defending, said his client admitted making the two home videos while on holiday in Thailand and Bucharest, Romania, but “it wasn’t clear at all” how the computer images had got on to the computer.

Computer expert Savio Pirondini of Leeds University said the images could have been put into the freespace by the computer without Gaines’ knowledge.