August 2008

Man abused friend’s daughter

A PAEDOPHILE befriended a single mum over the internet then sexually abused her young daughter.

Andrew Gordon had been ordered to sign to sex offenders’ register for five years in 2004 after being convicted of taking an indecent photograph.

As part of his registration requirements he was bound to notify the police of his address, as well as any other addresses he would frequently visit.

But Newcastle Crown Court heard how the 36-year-old failed to register his visits with the single mum and as a result was able to target her nine-year-old daughter.

Gordon, of Witton Gilbert, admitted four charges of sexually assaulting the youngster, as well as failing to comply with the sex offenders’ register requirements.

He also admitted possessing eight indecent photographs which were found on his computer when police raided his home.

Gordon admitted in police interviews he had a sexual attraction towards children and told officers: “I have a problem, I am ill.”

Defence barrister Tony Hawks told the court Gordon has been the target of vigilante attacks while on bail.

He added: “He has disgraced himself within the local community.”

Mr Hawks said Gordon had been frank with police and the probation service and admitted he had deliberately kept his visits to the girl’s home a secret.

Mr Hawks said: “He knew perfectly well that were he to draw the matter to the attention of the authorities no doubt steps would have been taken, because of the presence of the girl in the house, to terminate the situation.”

Judge Michael Cartlidge jailed Gordon for three years and ordered he must register as a sex offender for life.

He was banned from ever working with children or having any contact with children under 16.

Judge Cartlidge said: “He should have explained he was a sex offender, he should have told the mother of the child and he should have told the police where he was.

“He failed and this led to the child being unprotected from his sexual advances.”