September 2016

Sex offender jailed as he is branded ‘a very considerable danger to boys’

A sex offender with a history of molesting and abducting boys has been jailed as he was branded a “considerable danger”.

Adam Younger’s “compulsion” to touch boys was revealed in a string of crimes against children spanning the last decade – including holding a boy in his bedroom cupboard.

A Teesside Crown Court judge told how Younger was convicted of two counts of sexual assault on a boy under 13 in 2005.

The victims were two eight-year-old boys he lured into a “den”.

He was convicted for a similar offence two years later after a grabbed an eight-year-old boy in a park, pinned him down, touched him and threatened to kill him if he told anyone.

In 2009 he was convicted of making indecent images of children.

Younger was jailed for three years in for child abduction and breaching a sexual offences prevention order in 2011.

Officers paying an unannounced visit to his home found a 12-year-old boy in his bedroom cupboard.

Recorder Peter Makepeace QC told Younger today he was not being sentenced for his past crimes.

But he said: “They demonstrate in the clearest possible terms that you are a very considerable danger to boys aged eight or nine.

“You admit to such a sexual attraction and having considerable difficulty preventing yourself from committing sexual activity with such boys.

“It is in my opinion a compulsion on your part, a compulsion which you very seriously struggle to contain.

“I have no doubt that you have tried to contain it, but you have not succeeded.

“On a number of occasions in the past you failed and it has resulted in children being seriously assaulted.”

Today Younger, of Harris Street, central Middlesbrough, faced sentence after he admitted breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

The order, made at Durham Crown Court in June last year, banned him from having contact with under-16s without consent, approval and supervision.

The court heard he befriended a woman with two boys in her family of a similar age to Younger’s previous victims, and visited their home twice.

There were no sexual offences or physical contact with the boys, and his communication with them was limited to “general chat”.

But the judge said Younger drank at the Middlesbrough home, which could have lessened his resistance to his compulsion.

He added: “You would have returned had you not been prevented by your arrest.

“In my view that posed a very considerable risk indeed to those two boys.

“It’s your second breach of such an order. I’m satisfied that you knew 100% exactly what you are prohibited from doing.

“There was a real and obvious risk caused to those two boys.

“They fall precisely into the class of person that order is designed to protect.”

Younger, who was also in breach of a one-year suspended prison sentence imposed for burglary, was jailed for 18 months.

May 2012

Police find 12-year-old boy locked in cupboard during routine visit to paedophile’s home

A young boy was found hiding in a locked cupboard at a paedophile’s home. 

Police discovered the 12-year-old during a routine visit to the home of registered sex offender, Adam Younger (pic above)

Durham Crown Court heard that Younger, then 22, was being monitored as a three-times sex offender.

It was under the terms of that order that the officer visited the house in Horden, County Durham, on December 29.

Mark Styles, prosecuting, said when Younger answered the door he was only partially dressed.

The officer decided to check the rest of the premises, during which she went into a bedroom with unmade bedding and a cupboard locked by a latch from the outside.

Mr Styles said: ‘On opening it, she found a 12-year-old boy hiding inside.

‘He was coaxed out and assured he wasn’t in trouble.’

Younger fled, later sending text messages back to the boy, telling him: ‘Run’, and, ‘Say you have only been for ten minutes.’

Later that day, Younger was arrested outside his grandmother’s house in Sunderland. 

He told police that he had befriended the boy at a bus station. 

Mr Styles said the boy, who was considered vulnerable, appeared to have stayed there for much of the Christmas holiday, with Younger, ‘playing off one person in responsibility against another’.

When the boy’s mother came seeking him, Younger played out ‘a charade’ pretending to be the elder brother of her son’s schoolfriend, who was on an errand.

Younger, now 23, admitted child abduction and two charges of breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

Two of his previous offences were for sexual assaults on boys aged under 13 and the third was for downloading indecent images of mainly young boys, for which he received a 21-month custodial sentence at Teesside Crown Court, in January 2009.

As part of that sentence, Younger was also made subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (Sopo) limiting his future contact with boys.

Warren Grier, mitigating, said: ‘Clearly the defendant knows there’s only one outcome.

‘It’s a custodial sentence and he needs assistance from a sex treatment 
programme while he’s serving that sentence.’

Jailing him for three years, Recorder Ian Atherton told Younger it would appear he was ‘grooming’ the 12-year-old, using deceit to convince the boy’s mother it was all above board.