Oct 2007

Paedophile had 5000 child-porn pics

A PAEDOPHILE who sexually abused a girl under 14 was jailed for four years at Cardiff crown court.

When police officers seized a computer belonging to 43 year old factory supervisor, Robert Dixon, they found over 5,000 indecent images of children.

Dixon of Cae Gordon Street, Abercarn, admitted 17 charges involving causing a child to engage in sexual activity, of sexual assault and with having indecent photographs of children.

Judge Patrick Curran said “He repeatedly sexually abused the child.

“The actual results of what you have done to the child’s life is incalculable”

He was ordered to register as a sex offender for life and banned for working with children for life.

Prosecutor Susan Ferrier said the abuse came to light when she passed a note to a school friend about what Dixon had been doing to her. This was passed to a teacher and the police were contacted.

When arrested Dixon said ” This is a bombshell” and denied doing anything of a sexual nature.

The girl was interviewed on video and described repeatedly of being abused.

She said it made her very upset and Dixon would tell her “don’t tell anyone.”

He sometimes made her dress in adult underwear and photographed her in sexual poses.

His computer was seized and the indecent images were found.

Some were of the most serious category and some of the girl.

“The images are quite shocking” said Miss Ferrier.

At one point in the stage of the police interview Dixon broke down and agreed the images “were vile”.

The girl has now become very emotional and finds life difficult, the court heard.

Dixon’s council Eugene Egan said “He pleaded guilty and has denied nothing and acknowledged his guilt.

He said none of the photographs were distributed.”

As a young man, Dixon had “little personality” and had tried to kill himself.

“He apologises to everyone concerned and knows what he has done.”