November 2010

Pervert caught with illegal images on computer again

A SEX offender who was spared jail after taking holidays to Thailand without telling police has again been caught with indecent images.

A court heard how Stephen Green, 52, was found out when police checked the computer at his home in High Street, Heanor.

He was previously convicted of possessing and making indecent images in April 2005.

At the time, he was given a suspended jail term and had to tell police if he was going to be away from the area.

But in November 2008, he admitted going to Thailand three times without telling police.

Now, Nottingham Crown Court has been told how Green admitted possessing 13 indecent images.

Avik Mukherjee, prosecuting, gave details of Green’s police interview.

Mr Mukherjee said: “He said he had not downloaded any indecent images and was shocked they were on the hard drive.

“He said he was looking for Thai pornography sites to see whether his wife-to-be had been appearing on those sites.

“He said he was not looking for children and was not looking for anyone under 18.”

Judge John Burgess said Green “richly deserved” to go to prison for nine months, but he would have been freed early from that sentence and would not have received treatment to curb his behaviour.

Under the terms of a three-year community order, Green will be under the supervision of probation officers.

He will also have to attend a sex offenders’ group work programme – and can only have a computer at home if it is fitted with a filter to block pornography.

The judge told him: “If I was to send you to prison for nine months, you would not be in for a long time and would not get the support and guidance of the probation service. If you commit another offence or fail to cooperate in any way, you will be back before me and will get nine months.”

The judge said Green had already received some treatment but needed more.

He pointed out that the accused had only used Google in his inquiries rather than a specialist search engine.

In 2005, Green was put on a sex offenders’ programme after 107 images were found on a computer.

A sex offenders’ order was imposed for life and he is banned from working with children.

Green was arrested in July 2008 for breaching his court order by travelling to Thailand in July and his computer was seized.

Experts found the latest images when they examined it in March last year.