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October 2011

Six more years for paedophile convicted of 1990s attacks

A PENSIONER jailed for 10 years for raping a girl has been given another six years after he was convicted of attacks on another child aged as young as five.

Sidney Dables was convicted in 2006 for raping his first victim in the 1970s, when she was aged as young as 10, as well as offering her up to a friend.

the 77-year-old – who had been due for parole from the first sentence in 2012 – was jailed for six years for indecently assaulting the second girl in the early 1990s.

The earliest he will now be liable for parole is 2014.

Derby Crown Court heard that the young girl, who suffered the abuse from the age of five until she was nine years old, told police about it in 2006 but at the time did not feel she could pursue the allegation.

Last year, her boyfriend persuaded her to go back to the police and Dables was charged with the offences.

He initially denied abusing her but yesterday, on the day his trial was due to start, he admitted five offences of indecent assault against her.

In 2006, Dables, previously of Mansfield Road, Alfreton, admitted four charges of raping a girl aged under 13 and four charges of aiding and abetting former mining colleague Dennis White to carry out the sexual abuse.

Dables gave evidence to a jury to convict White.

He said that he and White, who met as colliery electricians at Coates Park pit, Alfreton, both raped the girl.

Dables said that, after looking at pornographic magazines together, he told White that he was having sex with a young girl and White asked him to bring the girl to his house so that he could also have sex with her.

Dables told the jury he saw White rape the girl “four or five times, or more”.

In 2006, sentencing both men to 10 years in jail, Judge Granville Styler told Dables he had “embarked on a campaign of rape”. Judge Styler said Dables had “subjected her to further humiliation by allowing her to be raped” by his friend.

Yesterday, Judge Andrew Hamilton said that if the second lot of allegations had been pursued in 2006 and Dables had been sentenced for both victims at the same time, he would have received a sentence of about 12 years. He said he had taken this into account with the latest sentence.

He added: “You pleaded guilty and saved her giving evidence and you had the courage to do that.”

Speaking for Dables, Philip Astbury said his client, who cannot read or write, was “frail, in poor health and had limited mobility”.

The judge ordered that when Dables was released from prison he must abide by a sexual offences prevention order, which includes not seeking the company of anyone who is aged 16 or under.

He must also sign the sex offenders’ register for life.