October 2009

Friends’ and family’s ‘full support’ for jailed child porn pervert

A PERVERT who took photographs of partly undressed children through windows has been jailed for two years.

When police raided Mark Foster’s home, they seized computers and photographic equipment leading to a hoard of 5,915 indecent images, some of them movies.

Sitting at Derby Crown Court, Judge John Burgess described Foster as a “peeping tom” and said: “It is just as well no one else in court has had to look at these images. They are sickening to normal people.

“I’m not sentencing you because they are sickening but because the children in those pictures have been defiled.

“These images involved the abuse of young children. You contributed to that.

“Without people like you, there would be no market for these sort of images.”

Brenda Whittaker, prosecuting, said Foster used a Google chat log, which had now been closed.

West Midlands police began an inquiry which led to officers getting a search warrant for Foster’s home.

Foster, of Ullswater Drive, Spondon, had taken photographs through windows.

Miss Whittaker said: “There was an image of a child of 12 or 13 in a state of undress and also the mother of one. The child doesn’t know it happened.”

Most of the pictures in his collection were “pre-pubescent females” and 21 were in the worst category.

Foster, 37, admitted 26 charges including two counts of voyeurism, 13 of making indecent photographs, possession of indecent images and distributing them.

Miss Whittaker said Foster immediately helped police.

“He was frank and cooperative and accepted openly he was interested in pornographic images of children.

“In an interview, he described his interest in pornography as an addiction.”

Jolyon Camlin, mitigating, said Foster had recently married and that his wife was supporting him, and added: “Mr Foster has been nothing but candid about his offending from the initial interview and there after increasingly so as the matter progressed.

“Since his arrest, Mr Foster has taken it upon himself to engage with the agencies in order to overcome any addiction.”

Foster was “a changed man” since his arrest and had the full support of family and friends.

He was banned from using computer and photographic equipment linked to computers and was put on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years. He must pay £1,200 towards his defence costs.