Febuary 2011

18 months’ jail for paedophile who abducted baby daughter

A PAEDOPHILE jailed for abusing two girls under 10 has admitted attempting to abduct his own daughter.

Gary Newman, 53, was locked up for 12 years in 2010 for sexually assaulting the two girls and possessing indecent pictures of children. When the allegations emerged, Newman, from Pinxton, and his Filipino wife, Christine, 41, were ordered by a court not to remove their baby daughter from the UK. But three days before his arrest, Newman broke the order by booking Christine and the one-year-old on a flight to the Philippines.

At Wolverhampton Crown court yesterday, Newman was sentenced to 18 months for child abduction. He admitted texting and meeting his wife and breaking a court order that said they could not take the child out of the UK.

The court was shown letters that he admitted he had written, advising Christine what to do if he was sent to jail, but he claimed she never saw them.

December 2010

Paedophile is jailed for 12 years for sex attacks dating back to 1980s

A PAEDOPHILE has been jailed for 12 years for sexually assaulting two young girls and having indecent pictures of children on his computer.

Gary Newman denied the abuse allegation – forcing his victims to give evidence at trial – but then admitted the offences at the “11th hour”.

He threatened the girls with “dire consequences” if they told anyone about the assaults.

A judge said his actions were “calculated” and “sordid”.

And police said the fact he denied the allegations for so long just showed how callous he was.

The 53-year-old abused his first victim in the 1980s when she was aged six or seven.

He abused his second victim in September 2006 when she was nine.

Derby Crown Court heard that Newman’s “perverted interest in little girls” did not come to light until 2008 after his second victim told her grandmother, who in turn told the police.

His first victim, who is now in her 30s, then revealed the horrible secret she had kept for so many years.

Judge John Gosling said that when the woman gave evidence it had been clear the memory of that evening was “etched on her mind years and years later”.

“She feels further burden as, had she reported the abuse to police earlier, she might have saved the next victim,” said Judge Gosling.

When Newman was arrested on October 22, 2008, police seized his computer and in its memory found 33 indecent images of children – ranging from category one to four. Category five is the most graphic.

Newman, of Wharf Road, Pinxton, admitted possessing indecent images of children and three counts of making indecent images.

He told the court he had been looking for adult pornographic pictures when they had appeared and he had deleted them straight away.

But the prosecution said it did not accept this mitigation as he had used the search words “kiddy” and “paedo”.

In February, Newman was convicted by a jury of two charges of sexual assault of a child under 13 and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. These involved his second victim.

Then in November, he was convicted by another jury of offences against his first victim – indecent assault and indecency with a child.

Alistair Munt, in mitigation, said Newman had admitted the sex-assault offences to a probation officer.

Mr Munt said: “He became very tearful. He was ashamed and disgusted of his behaviour and could not believe he had put his victims through what he had.”

Newman must sign the sex offenders’ register and is disqualified from working with children for life.

When released from jail, he must abide by a sexual offenders’ prevention order.

As paedophile Gary Newman was jailed, his first victim told the Derby Telegraph about her guilt for not coming forward earlier.

The woman, who had suffered at his hands when she was six or seven, said in 25 years she had only ever told one person.

But she could not bring herself to tell the police. That was until she heard a ten-year-old girl had made similar allegations.

The woman, who cannot be named because of legal reasons, said she felt relieved he had finally been convicted and now hoped for some closure.

But she said: “I feel guilty that I didn’t come forward earlier as it might have stopped him from doing it again.

“It traumatises your life and lives with you for ever.”

She said was now mistrustful of men and of letting people care for her own children.

The mother of Newman’s second victim said her daughter had been hysterical when she revealed what the paedophile had done to her a year earlier.

The mother said: “She kept saying, ‘he’ll come and get me. He’s going to kill me’.”

“He told her nobody would ever believe her.

“I felt absolutely devastated. My world came apart when she told me.

“Following it, she would cry for no reason, was scared to go out and would comfort-eat.”

Detective Constable Chris Yapp, investigating officer, said the fact Newman denied the offences right up until the end showed his “callousness”.