Dec 2003

Child porn man is spared prison

A man who downloaded scores of indecent images of children from the internet has walked free from court.

However, Christian Langley, 28, of Albion Road, Westcliff, has been warned that if commits any similar offences again, he could be jailed.

Langley was arrested as part of Operation Ore, an international collaboration of police forces aimed at capturing those using the internet to download child pornography.

Essex Police searched Langley’s house after American authorities told them he had accessed sites containing indecent images of children.

The search revealed he had about 70 pictures of young girls stored on his computer and on a camcorder.

Langley pleaded guilty to five counts of having indecent child photos.

Paul Warren, mitigating, told Southend Magistrates’ Court that Langley was a man who had taken his curiosity too far.

He said: “He has an interest in general pornography and his interest has taken him too far. He has crossed that threshold.”

Langley was given a two-year conditional discharge and placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years.

His computer and camcorder were also confiscated and he was ordered to pay £43 costs.