November 2011

Widnes paedophile, aged 86, jailed for 11 years

AN 86-year-old Widnes man who called himself ‘Rambo’ in letters sent to the family of a three-year-old girl he sexually abused has been jailed for 11 years.

Paedophile William ‘Bill’ Potter, of Dunsford, was found guilty at Warrington Crown Court of abusing two girls.

The community choir singer began molesting his first victim in the early 90s when she was three.

He would touch her sexually with repeated attacks taking place over a year, the court heard.

The victim, now aged 20, described how he would smile ‘like it was normal’ and that the attacks ‘seemed to go on forever’.

A relative of the victim described how Potter would send her letters, sometimes with condoms in.

They were sent once a month for around three years and signed ‘Rambo’.

She said that the defendant called her, attempting to disguise his voice and apologising for writing them.

The war veteran’s second victim, a nine-year-old girl, told the court how he would expose himself and tell her what to do ‘in a whispery voice’.

He would put his hand in her underwear and ignore pleas to stop.

Defending, Michael Wolff questioned why both girls did not come forward immediately after the abuse had taken place.

But Julian Goode, prosecuting, said: “Isn’t that why some children are vulnerable, because they wouldn’t know what to do?”

Potter was convicted of indecent assault, assault of a child under 13 including penetration, and causing a child under the age of 10 to engage in sexual activity.

He had denied all charges.