Febuary 2008

Paedophile is spared jail

A SEX offender who evaded police and moved in with a young woman who had a four-year-old daughter has been spared jail.

Robert Gordon Mattrevers, aged 29, of Cameron Avenue, Weston Point, Runcorn, was given a three-year community order at Mold Crown Court last Wednesday after failing to notify police where he was living while on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Prosecutor James Cullen said it was clear that they had all once shared a bed.

He said: “Quite simply he formed a relationship with a new partner in the Mold area, the relationship became fairly strong and he lived with her between October and December of last year.

“His partner was unaware of the background to this defendant at the time.She has spoken to the police and she still wishes to form a relationship with this defendant. It has not affected things to any extent.”

Mattrevers, who was jailed for eight months in April 2005 after admitting eight offences including downloading child porn, was required to inform police within three days of any address he stayed at for more than seven days.

Henry Gow, defending, said: “The couple were no longer cohabiting. They still saw each other and the partner had signed a contract with social services.

“The community order suggested would be of great benefit to them and to the defendant.”

Mattrevers will face a range of conditions to the sentence including supervision.

He must also attend at a Home Office-accredited sex offender programme for two years.