January 2009

Male nurse had library of vile child porn on computer

A NURSE caught with a library of child porn on his computer has been struck off for behaviour ‘fundamentally incompatible’ with his profession.

Martin Withers, aged 29, of St Andrew’s Close, in Cinnamon Brow, was given a nine-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, at Chester Crown Court in January 2007, after he admitted 11 counts of making or having indecent photos of children as young as babies.

The pervert, who worked at North Cheshire Hospitals NHS Trust, was arrested after a friend discovered a folder marked ‘kiddies’ on his computer, including three video clips of three boys performing sexual acts.

A total of 193 photographs and eight indecent videos were found saved on the hard drive, some of which were classed at ‘level five’ – the most depraved category of child porn.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NWC) suspended Withers for 18 months in November 2007 pending a full inquiry.

Withers tried to have the disciplinary hearing in London held in private, citing distress to his family as the reason for his appeal.

But the NWC ruled that any distress caused to his family was solely his responsibility and on December 16, 2008, he was banned from nursing for life.

Adrianna McDonnell, for the NMC, said that after Withers was arrested, police pieced together a paedophile ring, through which Withers would be sent images.

Ms McDonnell said: “The registrant denied directly downloading pictures and videos. However, he was more frank about receiving them.

“He further stated he had formed intimate relations with friends from Manchester.

“He said they had visited his address on numerous occasions. They used his computer to download images which they used to arouse themselves before sex. Withers said he didn’t like this but still participated. He never told them to stop.”

NMC chair Gill Barker said the panel had considered the matter carefully and had no choice but to remove Withers from the nursing register.

Ms Barker said the paedophile had failed to acknowledge the harm caused to the children and lacked remorse.

She said: “The panel also regarded as significant the disturbing nature of the images, the viewing of which, in the words of the sentencing judge, ‘creates a market in such material’.

“We also have genuine concerns relating to the public interest and public protection if the registrant was to continue to work as a registered nurse.”