March 1999

Jail threat for Great Notley man over nude pictures

A former bus driver who had pictures of naked children on his bedside cabinet and hidden in his bathroom received a suspended jail sentence on Wednesday.

Kevin Seagood, 35, of Elderfield, Great Notley, Braintree, admitted keeping goods of an indecent nature.

Judge Michael Yelton, at Chelmsford Crown Court, said the recent diagnosis of Seagood’s epilepsy was an exceptional circumstance which saved him from immediate custody.

The 28-day jail sentence was suspended for a year.

Telling Seagood he was lucky not to be going to prison, the judge added: “This matter will no doubt be in the newspapers and you will no doubt be picked out and that will be extra punishment.”

John Dodd, prosecuting, said Customs officers intercepted a package at Dover. It was from mainland Europe and addressed to Seagood. Its contents raised suspicions and Customs and police officers went to Seagood’s flat.

They found naturist magazines and its pictures included those of naked children. Seagood said he was not interested in young children but girls aged over 17.

He thought some of the pictures were “a bit dodgy” so hid them in the bathroom and forgot them.

Nicola May, mitigating, said Seagood had become lonely and isolated since his wife left him 18 months ago telling him he was “too nice”.

He sought pictures of 17-year-old girls in an effort to recreate the experience he had when he met his wife at that age eight years ago.

The material sent to him was not what he wanted and he should have thrown it away.