August 2008

Convicted Sex offender attacked teenage girl

A REGISTERED sex offender from Warrington who has previous for sexual activity with young girls under 16 attacked a 17-year-old girl in her own home after downing cans of cider with a friend.

Gary Douglas, 36, from New Road, Latchford, grabbed the victim tightly as he ran his fingers down her back towards her bottom, before trying to kiss her on the lips.

Douglas pleaded guilty at Warrington Crown Court to sexual touching and failing to notify authorities of a change of address.

The court heard how Douglas had appeared behind the victim after gaining entry to the flat and pulled her so tightly towards him she couldn’t move.

David Jones, prosecuting, said the victim managed to free herself after Douglas had touched her and screamed at him to leave the property.

When Douglas got to the front door, he leaned towards the girl with his lips pursed and attempted to kiss her, before being thrown out by the victim.
He was sentenced to 11 months in prison by Judge David Hale.

Simeon Evans, defending, said Douglas had been drinking cans of cider with a friend in a nearby flat and had stormed out of the property following an argument over music.

He was so drunk he asked the victim after touching her: “Who am I looking for?”

Douglas had failed to notify the authorities of a change of address because he didn’t have one at the time and had forgotten to tell officers because of other issues.

June 2007

A LATCHFORD man has admitted sexually touching a 14-year-old Padgate girl as a “joke” while drunk.

Gary Douglas, from Pearson Avenue, pleaded guilty to two counts of the offence at Warrington Crown Court on Tuesday.

His defence, Richard Dawson, told the court Douglas touched the girl over her clothes as a joke but acknowledged it had been “wholly inappropriate” and that his “perception” of events was different to the girl’s.

Douglas had a poor record for dishonesty offences from his days as a drug addict but no previous sexual offences, the court heard.

His defence said he had replaced drugs with “something of an addiction to alcohol.”

Douglas also admitted damaging a table and chairs worth £80. He pleaded not guilty to other similar sexual charges and assaulting an 11-year-old girl.