April 2009

Orford Paedophile jailed at Warrington Crown Court for Internet abuse

A PAEDOPHILE who downloaded hundreds of images of children being abused and then tried to blame it on his nephew has been jailed.

Christopher Dean, a 42-year-old from South Avenue, Orford, had 152 indecent photographs of children but maintained he was innocent and his nephew must have been the one to download them.

After a two-day trial last month he was found guilty and on Friday was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

In trying to blame his nephew he had been ‘wicked’, Judge David Hale said at Warrington Crown Court.

Illiterate Dean had 124 level one, nine level two, 14 level three and five level four images. Level one images are the most mild, showing children in states of undress. Level five images are the most disturbing.

“I don’t think he grasps the seriousness of these matters and convictions and the view taken by the court and society,” his lawyer told the court.

“Whatever courses he goes on may not achieve anything. It’s the closing of the door of the prison cell that will have an effect,” he added.

Judge Hale told Dean there was ‘overwhelming’ evidence he had downloaded the pornography himself.

“Your defence was to blame your nephew who had to come to court and say what nonsense it was. That was a wicked defence,” he said.

“If you had acknowledged the truth of what you had done, and so obviously done, then I could have been more merciful than I can be now.

“You leave me no option but to imprison you for these offences,” he added.

Dean, who suffers from sciatica and stooped into the dock, will spend half his sentence in jail.

He must sign the Sexual Offenders’ Register for 10 years and is permanently banned from working with children.