April 2006

Paedophile dies before sentencing

SELF-CONFESSED paedophile Thomas Hamon (68), due to be sentenced by the Royal Court for 12 cases of indecent assault on boys, died in the General Hospital yesterday morning.

Hamon , who had been in custody at La Moye Prison since late November, was taken to hospital for treatment after breaking a leg playing football there earlier this month, the weekend before he was due to be sentenced by the Superior Number of the Royal Court.

While in prison Hamon was in the vulnerable prisoners’ unit.

This morning, police issued a statement saying that Home Office pathologist Dr Gyan Fernando, who is well-known in the Island for working on a number of high profile cases, including the post mortems on murdered couple Nicholas and Elizabeth Newall, had arrived in the Island to carry out an immediate post mortem.

Police said Hamon’s death was not being treated as suspicious.

Following his death, they were asked to conduct a full inquiry and report back to Deputy Viscount Peter de Gruchy.

‘While there are no apparent suspicious circumstances, any death of a prisoner is taken very seriously and every effort will be made to establish the full facts surrounding this death,’ the police statement said.

As Hamon was a prisoner at the time of his death it was classified as a death in prison custody and is being investigated accordingly.

Prison governor Steven Guy Gibbens said today that Hamon’s death had come as a shock and the prison would be co-operating with the police inquiry.

The police investigation into the case against Hamon of historical abuse of boys between 1964 and 1988, which Hamon admitted, took place over two years and involved support from other agencies.