October 2015: Nicholls has now changed his name to John Smith

April 2012

Paedophile victim’s plea for answers after attacker breaks prison licence term

Predatory paedophile Paul Nicholls was last night back behind bars after breaking the terms of his licence.

The pervert air cadet instructor was freed just halfway through his five-year sentence last August after admitting having sex “many” times with a 15-year-old girl.

The teenager reported Nicholls, then 39, to police after her 13-year-old friend – with whom he was also believed to have had sex – hanged herself.

His victim cannot be identified for legal reasons but we are calling her Jackie.

She was appalled she had been told so little about the situation.

“I think it is disgusting they won’t tell me why he was recalled,” she said.

“He might have had a car and not registered it or he could have been standing at the end of my street. I should be told either way.

“If I am in danger I should be told and if I am not then I should be told.”

In February 2009 Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard Nicholls, of Pontygwaith, Rhondda, forced the child into sexual acts at least 10 times between June and August 2007.

He is later believed to have moved on to second victim.

He had promised he would not touch the younger girl if Jackie kept quiet.

But she told the court how Nicholls had sex with both of them and Cherrell referred to it as “rape”.

Each saw him as a father figure.

“It feels like I am the one that has done something wrong,” said his victim, now studying at university in England.

She found out he had been recalled after taking a call from the probation service while she was filling her car with petrol.

“What is running through my head is that he could have been standing at the end of my street,” she said.

“If he has been I would break down. It’s a scary thought.

“They should just tell me. I think it is ridiculous. I have done nothing wrong and I am sat here and I am panicky and all over the place.

“It’s mental to me that he has been called back.

“It tells me that he should never have been deemed low risk.

“That should never have happened ever. That was a big mistake.

“He has gone back to jail and we’ll be waiting now for the next call saying he is out.”

Jackie blamed Nicholls for the death of her friend.

Describing her grim first experience with Nicholls, Jackie told the court: “I have never been so scared before.

“I remember him holding me down, I remember a lot of pain.”

He had claimed texts he sent her were intended for a woman his own age.

“He has not admitted his guilt and cannot have any remorse,” Jackie said.

The judge in the case branded Nicholls a “manipulative sexual predator”.

“The public have a right to know how dangerous he is – he is a smart man,” she added.

“He used the Air Training Cadets to groom his victims. He chose a big organisation believing they would protect him for their own publicity.”

A Ministry of Justice source confirmed Nicholls was back inside after breaking the terms of his license in Essex.

A spokesman said: “Under the Criminal Justice Act 2003 anyone serving a determinate sentence of more than 12 months must be released from prison on licence at the half way point.

“Offenders on probation licence are subject to a strict set of conditions and controls. Examples include curfews, restrictions on their movements and frequent meetings with their offender manager.

“If an offender breaches their licence conditions they can be recalled to custody.”