June 2010

Bedford paedophile gets ten years

A paedophile who carried out sex offences on three young boys in the 1980s has been jailed for ten years.

Michael Adams got to know the youngsters and would invite them to his home in the town.

It was the start of a grooming process, Luton Crown Court head on Friday when 43 years old Adams appeared to be sentenced for eight offences of indecent assault on male person, one offence of indecency with a child and an offence of buggery.

The court was told Adams was already serving a prison sentence.

In December 2007 he was given an indeterminate sentence after being convicted of a series of sex offences on two young boys including buggery on one of the youngsters.

He was ordered to serve a minimum of five years behind bars

On Friday Judge Barbara Mensah hearing the case was told the earliest he can apply for parole is september 2012.

It was while serving his sentence that one of his victims from ther 1980s series of offences finally found the courage to tell the police what had happened years before.

He was receiving hypnotherapy to try and quit smoking.

However before one session was about to begin he told the hypnotherapist what had happened to him at the hands of Adams when he was just nine years old.

Outlining the case, Beverley Cripps prosecuting  said the case went back to the early 1980s when Adams, who then was known then as Michael Damon, lived with his family in Bedford. He was to later change his name to Adams when he was 21.

He got to know two boys aged 9 and 12 living in the locality and they would come to his home to play

Adams turned his attention first to the older boy.

The court heard they would have play fights in his bedroom and he began touching the youngster and fondling him.

Miss Cripps said the younger boy would be invited to play on a computer in the defendant’s bedroom where he would also be touched.

Adams committed a number of sex acts on the youngster and offences continued on the boy right up until the time Adams left Bedford to go into the RAF

The court heard a third youngster was also befriended by Adams.

He too was only nine years old when Adams committed an offence of buggery on him.

The court heard to keep the youngster quiet about what had happened, the defendant gave him money

Chris Gair defending said his client had also been the victim of sexual abuse when he was a youngster.

The barrister said Adams had developed a “deviant sexual appetite” but he said he should be given credit for his guilty pleas which had saved his victims the ordeal of coming to court.

Judge Mensah jailed Adams for a total of 10 years.

She said there had been planning, preparation and grooming of the boys.

She went on “You were 16, a young boy, but you were old enough to know what you were doing was wrong, criminal and destructive. Your victims were helpless in theface of your assaults on them.”

She added “By your conduct you robbed these three young men of much of their childhood and effected their emotional development.”

Moments before he was led to the cells the judge told him “It seems to me you are clearly a considerable danger to young people.”