September 2007

Man jailed on nine counts of sex abuse

A Tingrith man who was found guilty last month of nine charges of sex abuse has been jailed for four years 

Leslie Field, a 50-year-old operations manager, was found guilty by a jury at Luton Crown Court of abusing two girls and a boy between 1991 and June last year

He had strenuously denied that anything sexual had happened with the children who were all under 13 at the time.

Field, of Home Farm, was remanded in custody for reports and was sentenced on Tuesday by trial Judge Michael Baker QC. 

At the end of his trial last month the judge had told him custody was inevitable.

During the trial Rosa Dean, prosecuting, said a girl now aged 11 and her nine-year-old brother were regular visitors to Field’s home between 2004 and 2006.

In June last year the girl told her mother that Field had been touching her indecently which she knew was wrong and had hoped it would stop without her having to tell anyone.

It was also discovered that he had been regularly fondling her brother and had once urged the boy to touch him sexually.

Police were contacted and it was then that another girl revealed she had also been abused in the early 1990s when she was a young teenager.

Field was arrested and questioned and the barrister said he was very upset by any suggestion that anything sexual had happened. He said the boy had once tried to touch him and had had to tell him off.

He told the jury he had never behaved inappropriately with any of them.

He was convicted unanimously of seven charges of indecent assault and two of inciting gross indecency.