May 2009

Officer sentenced over child porn

A former Bedfordshire police detective who admitted downloading images of children has been given a suspended prison sentence.

Cymon Palvolgyi, 42, of Northfield Road, Aylesbury, resigned from the economic crime unit shortly after he was arrested in August 2008.

The court heard Palvolgyi’s home was raided after his wife found images and a video on her husband’s computer.

Palvolgyi was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years.

Further searches found more videos downstairs and in the loft.

Northampton Crown Court was told Palvolgyi admitted downloading the indecent images when he was interviewed by police but blamed it on “stress within (his) family life”.

‘Sort yourself out’

Six of the videos were Level 4 in seriousness, which involves adults sexually abusing children.

Judge Peter Morrell said: “You need to sort yourself out. I am going to give you a chance but there must be a prison sentence, but it will be suspended.”

Russell Eaton, defending, told the court Palvolgyi was currently living in Aylesbury with his 77-year-old mother, who is ill and had lost two sisters.

The court heard the former detective is more than £40,000 in debt and is currently claiming incapacity benefit but hopes to pursue a course in book-keeping.

The judge also gave Palvolgyi a two-year supervision order, ordered him to sign the sex offenders register and made a requirement for him to complete a sex offenders programme.

He was not disqualified from working with children.