June 2009

Barnet paedophile jailed for four years

A PAEDOPHILE who admitted sexually abusing two young sisters over several years has been jailed for four years.

Simon Gosling, 33, of Westbrooke Square, Barnet, began abusing the younger girl when she was aged just nine, in 2004, before beginning more serious attacks on her older sister in 2007.

His victims, who cannot be identified, have suffered emotional trauma, been verbally abused and even beaten up at their school since making their allegations.

Gosling had a nervous breakdown and contemplated suicide when the abuse came to light, before confessing to a psychiatric nurse in Barnet Hospital.

Judge Anna Guggenheim QC said the effect of the abuse on the victims has been “considerable” and described them as “courageous girls” who had the “strength of character” to go through a trial.

She added: “Apart from the physical violation they will no doubt always be able to remember the disgust and distress of what you did to them at such a vulnerable age.”

She said they had been doubted by friends and their education had suffered as a result of Gosling’s actions.

Gosling pleaded guilty to nine charges three days into a trial at Wood Green Crown Court in May this year, at the last possible moment before his victims were due to testify.

His girlfriend, who lives in Australia, and several members of his family sat in the public gallery to support him as Judge Guggenheim jailed him and placed him on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

He has also been banned from working with or having any unsupervised contact with children.

The girls’ mother, who was in court to see Gosling jailed, said: “Any time was going to be a bonus, but knowing he can’t be around children again is the best part.

“My girls were worried about that, that he could do it to other kids.”

The girls are still being counselled and their Mum said they had “ups and downs”.

“It’s been really horrible,” she said. “I think this will help settle things, but knowing he could be out in two years could upset them.

“I’m just glad they spoke up before it went any further.”