May 2012

Paedophile Teacher Keith Ogunsola Facing Jail For Schoolgirl Rapes

A paedophile teacher who repeatedly raped a pupil under the pretence of giving her “extra science tuition” has been told he will be jailed for “a very long time”.

Married father-of-three Keith Ogunsola groomed his 14-year-old victim and lured her to hotels around the country. The 47-year-old science teacher from Banstead in Surrey, started sexually abusing the girl in 2001, when he took her virginity by raping her at a Croydon hotel

Croydon Crown Court heard Ogunsola subjected the girl to three years of terror, telling her to wear skirts with no underwear so it was easier to have sex with her.

Prosecutor Hanna Llewellyn-Waters told how the girl was intimidated into thinking no-one would believe her story against a teacher. When the pupil told Nigerian-born Ogunsola she wanted a boyfriend he “ripped off her clothes and raped her again”.

But it is not the first time Ogunsola has been in court for sexually harrassing a student. In 2008, he grabbed a 14-year-old pupil and stuck his tongue in her mouth while they were in his school office.

The girl described her ordeal, saying: “He put his arms around my waist and said ‘do you want a kiss?’

“He pulled me close and put his tongue in my mouth. He was holding my wrists.”

He also asked girls in his chemistry class whether they had performed oral sex.

The court heard he had already been warned by the school’s headteacher about his conduct with female students before the assaults took place. Ogunsola was cleared of two sexual assaults at that school in 2000 and another sexual assault at a different school in 2006.

Despite this, he was spared jail because of his “weak heart”.

Ogunsola was told by the presiding judge: “You are going to prison for a very long time.”

September 2009

Science teacher who French-kissed girl, 14, escapes jail

A teacher who French-kissed a 14-year-old girl and questioned pupils about their sex lives has been spared jail because of a heart condition.

Keith Ogunsola, 44, a married father from Banstead, grabbed the stunned teenager in his office before putting his tongue in her mouth.

The science master, who taught at schools in Carshalton and Essex, also asked girls in a chemistry class whether they had performed oral sex.

At Snaresbrook Crown Court last month he was given warning that he faced a custodial sentence for committing “a huge breach of trust”.

But last Friday Judge Martin Zeidman, QC, handed him a 12-week suspended term after reading cardiology reports from Epsom and St Helier NHS trust.

The judge told Ogunsola: “Certainly what you have done doesn’t deserve a death sentence.

“I’m just persuaded that it would be right in the circumstances of this case to suspend the sentence of imprisonment.

“You will never again be employed as a school teacher. My primary concern is to protect members of the public and other potential pupils.

Judge Zeidman also praised the victim’s courage, saying: “I want to pay tribute to the girl who bravely made this complaint. She’s a very impressive young lady.

“A less courageous person might not have made the complaint in the first place.”

A jury convicted Ogunsola of the sexual attack in Ilford, Essex, last year, but cleared him of an attempted sex assault on a girl of 15 at the same school in 2006.

The science master was also acquitted of two indecent assaults on teenage girls at the school in Carshalton, between January and May 2000.

During the trial it emerged that the former headteacher of the Carshalton school had warned Ogunsola about his conduct with girl pupils before the alleged assaults.

Ogunsola, who denied molesting any of his students, said the pupils in his care there had been a “nightmare and disruptive”.

He was banned indefinitely from working with girls under 18 and ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register for five years.