June 2010

Sex ‘menace’ to young boys, aged 70, jailed for 10 years

A sex offender described as a “menace” to young boys has been jailed for 10 years after he was caught by police with a 15-year-old boy at his house.

Exeter Crown Court heard Frederick Gordon, 70, lured the boy there with the promise of painting and decorating work.

But he later admitted he had intended to get the boy drunk and have sex with him.

Gordon was sentenced to 10 years in prison and four years on licence when he is released.

He will also be subject to the highest level of police monitoring.

Judge Graham Cottle told him: “You have spent a lifetime of being attracted to young boys and you have served numerous prison sentences throughout your 70 years.

“You are a complete menace to people of that age.”

The sex offender, of Bidders Close, Stoke Fleming, was caught because he was being monitored for an earlier sex offence against young boys, prosecutor David Evans told the court.

Gordon had earlier admitted meeting a boy under 16 following sexual grooming and attempted sexual grooming.

The court heard Gordon, who began offending aged 30, had also been spotted in the play park looking at children and took the bus into Dartmouth when it was packed with children going to and from school.

Mr Evans told the court that in March last year, a police officer called at Gordon’s home as part of routine monitoring.

Mr Evans said: “By sheer chance, the police officer assigned to keep an eye on him arrived at his home.

“When spoken to about it, he said his intention was to have given him alcohol and have sex with him.”

The defendant admitted having a sexual attraction to young boys.

Sean Brunton, defending, said the boys “voted with their feet to avoid anything developing further”.

He said: “My client has deeply entrenched views and patterns of behaviour that are highly unlikely to be changed.”